May 17th Check out Site Publisher NEW from cPanel!

cPanel have made it very easy for everyone to have their own small site in a few clicks Read all about it here.

Mar 14th Our Very Quick Guide To Web Hosting!

We have put together a very quick guide to web hosting for you.

PAC Web Hosting

Feb 2nd Wordpress 4.4.2 Security Release.

Wordpress 4.4.2 was released in the last few hours.This is a security release to fix two serious vulnerabilities.If you are running Wordpress please update asap as this update closes two vulnerabilities.You can read more here from our good friends at Wordfence. Web ... Read More »

Jan 15th Use Wordpress? - Read this! - Wordpress Brute Force Attempts

We are seeing a massive increase in the number of brute force username and password attempts on customers Wordpress installs across our website hosting estate.Whilst this is happening to all Wordpress sites across the world there is something you can do about it.We recommend installing the iThemes Security plugin within your Wordpress install and ... Read More »

Oct 20th Wordpress Akismet XSS Vulnerability

Wordpress Akismet XSS Vulnerability

If you run Worpdress and Akismet please see this post from our friends at Wordfence.

Dec 10th Using Infinite WP Admin?

Wordpress InfiniteWP Admin panel has multiple vunerabilities upgrade immediately if using.From Wordfence:"About an hour ago a researcher from the Netherlands disclosed multiple serious vulnerabilities in the InfiniteWP Admin Panel. This panel is used to manage multiple WordPress sites and appears to be used by over 300,000 customers. The ... Read More »