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Cron Jobs
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Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs are an advanced feature that allows you to automate a number of script based programmes in order to perform regular maintenance and other tasks at specific times automatically. 

NOTE: Cron Jobs require you to have a good understanding of linux based commands to utilize them effectively.

It's possible should there be any outputted information from your cron jobs to set it up so that they email you with this information every time they are ran. 

Cron Job Email Specification

To Add a cron job firstly you must have created and uploaded the script that you wish to be ran to your server.

Then you can schedule when it is you wish the script to be ran;

Schedule a Cron Job

The Dropdowns contain a range of different pre scheduled times such as once a day,week,year and all can be modified further to suit your needs.

The Command box should contain the full path, filename and type of the script you wish to run.

In Addition you can view your current scheduled cron jobs in the table below;

Current Scheduled Cron Jobs

From the Table you can edit any cron jobs already setup as well as delete the cron job.


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