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MIME Types
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MIME Types

The MIME Types allows you to define your own custom MIME types for your server so that visitors browsers can correctly interpret the files and information you send to them.

For Example you may have created a custom PDF file that visitors can access such as .mypdf you can create a custom MIME type that will cause the browser of your visitors to correctly open it with the PDF format.

Adding a custom MIME Type

To Add a new custom MIME Type first in the MIME Type text box, you will need to type the MIME type that you wish to add. For example, "application/pdf". This will define that the extension you specify is to be opened by the application that handles PDF's on the user's browser.

In the Extension text box, you will type the file extension or list of extensions that you want to add for that MIME type. For example, ".mypdf".

Custom Mime

Removing a custom MIME Type

To Remove a custom MIME type that you have added firstly locate it in the table of user created MIME Types;

User Created MIME Types

Then Click on Delete under Actions. This will ask you to confirm your deletion;

Deletion Confirm

System Defined MIME's

This section also lists all currently defined MIME types that are recognised by the system by default. This could be good to check if you think you are going to be using a media that you don't think browsers may recognise.


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