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PrestaShop is a complete, and free, eCommerce package that allows you to simply create and manage an online storefront. Taking advantage of advanced Web 2.0 features to create dynamic and beautiful shopfronts that guide users effortlessly through your product catalog and help turn them into paying customers. PrestaShop is also powered by many advanced features aiding you in not only the creation of your online storefront but to aid you in the management of orders, profits and shipping.

Some of the many Features provided by PrestaShop include;

Templates; PrestaShop includes professionally designed and responsive templates for you to create your shop front through. Featuring highly responsive and intuitive design allowing access to your store front to be both fast and beautiful regardless of whether your customers are accessing your site through mobile or traditional methods. With thousands of templates to choose from, PrestaShop will have a template that is perfect for your business. 

Store Builder; PrestaShops store builder comes with over 310+ built in features allowing you to create and manage your store exactly as you need. Simplify your day-to-day management of your site with a centralized back office. Including an intuitive Interface and Analytics to allow for instant and detailed insight into your business. In addition many other features can be quickly and simply installed as you need.

Shopping Cart; Start getting paid now, PrestaCart comes configured to accept over 50 payment solutions and gateways from major credit and debit cards to paypal and more. Offer customers everywhere your product with customizable carrier and shipping zones. With easy to configure logistic details such as fee's by weight and tax rules all simply managed by PrestaShop's Back Office. 

Mobile Solutions; PrestaShop is equipped with a range of features to make sure your business is mobile. Mobile optimized templates and smooth mobile checkout make sure your customers can access your business wherever they are. In addition PrestaShop's Back Office is also mobile friendly allowing you to stay connected to your business on the move. 

eMarketing; PrestaShop contains many advanced SEO features to get your business in the top results of many search engines allowing you to attract more visitors to your business. In addition PrestaShop offers in depth analytic tools allowing you to turn data into more sales effectively. 

International Support; PrestaShop comes with a wide range of language and localization support. Supporting over 65 languages PrestaShop allows you to translate directly from your sites back office allowing you to trasform your business to a global scale. Be able to display country-specific currencies, taxes and units for shoppers from around the world as well as define rules for international shipping simply and intuitively.

Wide Range of Customization Options; If the over 310+ built in features available to you don't offer what you need, PrestaShop is also partners with many of the biggest names in the ecommerce industry to bring you seamless integration with many official partner modules.


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