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How do I create a sub account for my client area?
Posted by Paul Nesbitt, Last modified by Paul Nesbitt on 22 January 2016 12:00 PM

How do I create a sub account for my client area?

With your client area account you have a main login that is in total control, receives all emails and is also able to do all tasks within the client area.

This is the account that you created when you first signed up with PAC, it is your master account.

In your client area account you can create contacts and assign them various permissions and even allow them to login to their own client area sub account if required.

Why would I need to create a contact or sub account?

If you have an accounts department that needs to receive invoices you can set them as a contact to receive invoices. You may also want them to be able to login and view/pay them, in which case you would also set them up as a sub account with the relevant permissions.

Maybe you have a web developer or an internal IT department that needs to log in and raise support tickets and/or update your domains etc. In this case you would create a sub account for them and set the necessary permissions.

How do I do it?

Log into your client area

Once logged in you will see down the left side a "Contacts" box. click on "+ New Contact"

Enter the new contact's details via the form. Once you have done that you can then select which emails (if any) you would like this contact to be able to receive.

Also you may wish this contact to be able to log into a sub account for your client area and perform certain tasks. If you do, place a tick in "Tick to configure as a sub account...".

You can now set the permissions for the new sub account within your client area account and also set a password for the sub account login. Like your login, the new contact will use their email address as their username to login.

**Please note

It is very important to grant new contacts only the permissions that are required for them to perform their function and also to regularly maintain your contact list and remove any contacts/sub accounts that are no longer required.

Once you have created a sub account it is a very good idea to log into your client area with the new sub account details to make sure you have only given access to the information you intended before handing over the login details.


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