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How do I log into my server using SSH?
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How do I log into my server using SSH?

To log into your server using secure shell (SSH) you will need an SSH application.

There are many available but for this article we will use Putty which is a free SSH application.

First you will need to download and run the application.

You can find the application download page here

Please also be sure to read the applications information page for legal information you can find that here

The file you need is called putty.exe if you click on it then it will download to your pc.

Once you have the file and have ran it it will ask for the following:

Host Name (or IP address) - Enter either your servers hostname or IP address here

Port - The default is 22 however when we setup servers we change the SSH port number, check your sign up email.

Now click "Open"

You may be prompted to accept the servers key, if you are please accept it.

Now you will be connected and should see something like:

login as:

type your username which is usually root and press return and you should then see:

login as: root
root@youserver's password:

Now enter your password and press return, all being well you should now be logged in and see the following:

login as: root
root@yourserver's password:
Last login: Tue Jan 26 17:18:36 2016 from yourIPaddress
root@yourserver [~]#

You are now logged into your server using SSH!


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