Statistics Software Configuration
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Statistics Software Configuration

The Statistics Software Configuration section allows you to dictate how and at what frequency statistics are recorded about your server for you and your users.

This is broken down into a range of different sections that allow you to modify settings or view more detailed information;

Statistics Status Summary

The Statistics Status Summary allows you to see how your server is coping with its statistic logging schedule.

Unless your server is under heavy load with many users this will often say that your server can keep up with its statistics processing schedule.

This means that your server can start and complete logging of the bandwidth and traffic data of your server before you ask it to do it again.

If your server cannot keep up then you may wish to increase the time between logging attempts through the Schedule Configuration section.

In addition this section allows you to view specific or all user statistics summaries selected from the dropdown. This allows you to see when the last statistics were taken, and view each individual users statistics through analog, awstats and webalizer.

Statistics Status Summary

Process Statistics for User

Process Statistics section allows you to manually begin a logging process for a specific user. Simply select the user from the drop down and click go.

Your server will process their statistics in the background to which you can later view by selecting that user from the dropdown in the Statistics Status Summary section.

Process Statistics by user

Generators Configuration

The generators configurator allows you to dictate which logging software is available to your cPanel users

Configure Statistics Software Generators

User Permissions

User permissions allows you to choose on a user by user basis who can modify their web statistics software or allow all users to modify it. .

Simply select a user or check the box and then click save.

Configure User permisions

Schedule Summary

The schedule summary gives you an overview of how often your server will compile new statistics for web traffic and bandwidth. These frequencies can be changed via the Schedule Configuration section.

Statistics Update Schedule Summary

Schedule Configuration

The Schedule Configuration section allows you to set how frequent statistics about your server should be compiled. As mentioned in the Statistics Status Summary section this is what you would have to change if your server was unable to keep up with its statistics processing schedule by increasing the amount of time. 


Schedule Configuration

In addition from this section you can also specify at what times you do not want statistics to be run through the Statistics Schedule.

This allows you to prevent unnecessary server load during your peak hours as statistics generation can on occasion use more than its fair share of processing power.


Statistics Schedual

Most servers shouldn't have too much trouble with their logging, however if they are under heavy load tweaking how often logs are taken and when can help you maintain optimal server performance during prime hours.


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