Apache mod_userdir Tweak
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Apache mod_userdir Tweak

The mod_userdir options allows you to enable it so that you can have your users be able to have visitors be able to access their website through a URL that uses the http://hostname/~username format.

This is often used as a temporary URL system that allows users to view their websites. This will work even even when the systems DNS or domain does not yet point to the server.

How to prevent mod_userdir access

In order to prevent mod_userdir access the first thing that you will need to do is select the Enable mod_userdir checkbox.

You will then have to select the Exclude Protection checkboxes that correspond to the domains that you wish to permit access to mod_userdir.

mod_userdir prevent access

Once you have done this click save.

How to allow access to specific users

It is possible to allow specific users to access their websites through mod_userdir. This could be used by resellers to allows customers to access there websites before DNS information has been propagated.

Firstly select the Enable mod_userdir Protection checkbox.

You will then need to determine the virtual host(s) that the user can access the site through, this is normally the default virtual host or the resellers host.

You will then need to enter the users who should have access through mod_userdir in the Additional Users text box. If you need to enter multiple seperate each account name with a space.

allow access to specific users

Finally click save to confirm these changes. 


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