Configure Security Policies
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Configure Security Policies

This section allows you to Configure your security policy options and security extensions. allowing you to keep your server more secure.

Configure Security Policies

Limit Logins to verified IP addresses

This setting allows you to determine whether or not a user should answer security questions when logging in from unverified IP addresses.

When a user successfully answers the questions the users IP will automatically be added to the list of trusted IP's.

WHM users can add verified IP's and security questions via Home > Security Centre > Security Questions

cPanel users can add verified IP's and security questions via Home > Preferences > Security Policy

Two-Factor Authentication: Google Authenticator

This setting allows you to enable two factor authentication for logins. This allows you to improve security for your server. However if your users are unable to provide the second form of authentication they will not be able to log in.

Password Strength

This option allows you to enforce a minimum password strength for cPanel, webmail and WHM users.

Password Age

This setting allows you to specify the number of days that you allow passwords to remain the same. Once you select the checkbox a textbox will apear where you can enter the number of days.

Security Policy Extensions

These allow you to apply your security policy to XMP API requests and DNS Cluster requests.

Security Policy Extensions

NOTE; you may be prompted to reset your password or provide additional information after clicking save.

Remember to click save to update your changes


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