Host Access Control
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Host Access Control

The host access control section allows you to allow or deny clients access to services based on there IP address. The services that can be affected include;

  • cPanel (cpaneld)
  • WHM (whostmgrd)
  • Webmail (webmaild)
  • Web Disk (cpdavd)
  • FTP (ftpd)
  • SSH (sshd)
  • SMTP (smtp)
  • POP3 (pop3)
  • IMAP (imap)

It is a highly blanket method way of restricting access to server services for unauthorized IP addresses. For example you could block access to FTP for everyone but you by creating rules such as;

FTP your IP allow
FTP ALL deny

Remember, rules have an order precedence to them, meaning rules that appear higher in the list are enforced first. As a result you cannot block all and then allow someone through, you have to allow first.

It is possible to lock yourself out of WHM using Host access control, if this happens you can edit the /etc/hosts.allow file through command line to regain access. 


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