Manage root’s SSH Keys
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Manage root’s SSH Keys

This section allows you to add, import and manage your SSH keys for your server. SSH keys are used to secure information that is transferred between clients and your server. As a result this should be one of the first things you set up when acquiring a new server.

If you all ready have your own SSH key you can import it to the server using the "Import Key" function.

You will be presented with a new interface that will ask for, key's name, private key passphrase (Only required if you are importing a private key), section for public key, section for private key.

SSH Key Importing 

You needn't upload both keys, you can upload either the public or private key depending on your servers needs.

Alternatively you can generate new keys for your server using the "Generate a New Key" function.

This will present you with a new interface that will ask you for, key name, passwords (this should be very strong), Key Type, and Key Size.

SSH Key generation

Then simply click Generate Key. This will create both public and private keys for your server.

In addition to this you can manage your  SSH keys that are already on the server.

SSH Key Managment

From here you can remove/delete keys. View and download your keys. And Manage whether they are authorized or not.


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