ModSecurity™ Tools
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ModSecurity™ Tools

This section allows you to create and add ModSecurity rules as well as view the logs of any activities that have triggered rules.

To add a rule first click on the Rules List button. You will then be presented with the Rules List to go back to the Hits List you can click the Hits List button.

Add a Rule

Within the Rules List section, click Add Rule.

Enter your rule in the rule text box.

To have your rule enabled when you deploy the configuration select the Enable Rule checkbox.

If you wish to deploy the rule immediately select the deploy and restart Apache checkbox.

Then click save.

Rules Table

The rules table allows you to view and modify existing rules. You can copy a rule and make changes. Edit all or a single rule, enable or disable rules or remove them entirely.

Hits Table

The Hits table shows you the logs of any activity on your server that caused one of your rules to be triggered and what action was taken.


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