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Contact Manager
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Contact Manager

This section allows you to specify when your server sends you notifications for each communication type, and how you consider the importance of each type of alert.

Communication Type

Contact Manage Communication Type

You can use the menus under the "Communication Type" tab to set the importance of alerts that you wish to receive for each communication type. You do not have to set all of the contact types you just wont receive notifications through that means. Be conservative with what you set here as you can easily spam yourself with notifications.

Clicking edit will take you to the "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" from there you can add additional contact information to your account.


This section allows you to set the priority value of the alerts allowing you to decide on what you really want to be informed about. You can find a full and detailed explanation about each individual notification here

Each icon next to the notification represents how you will be informed about it. 

Contact Manger Notifications


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