Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges
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Edit Reseller Nameservers and Privileges

This section allows you to make changes to your reseller nameserver and their privileges. 

You can limit a reseller’s ability to create accounts and access features, grant root-level privileges to a reseller, and assign nameserver IP addresses for the accounts that the reseller creates, and add A entries for those addresses.

Before you make any changes make sure that you select the correct reseller from the "Please select a reseller" menu. 

Account Creation Limits

WHM offers three diffrent ways in which you can restrict the resseller's ability to create new cPanel accounts. Limiting the number of accounts a reseller can create is a good idea as a large number of cPanel accounts can deplete server resources.

Limit the total number of accounts that a reseller can create;

In order to limit the total number of accounts that a reseller can create you need to first select the "Limit the total number of accounts" checkbox.

You then need to enter the maximum number of accounts that the reseller can have in the textbox.

Limit a reseller account by resource usage;

You can limit a reseller accounts resource usage. This will allow you to set a maximum bandwidth and allocate a maximum amount of disk space that they may use. In addition you can allow resellers to set limits on their own users resources rather than being tied to that of the reseller. 

This allows resellers to set quotas for their users that add up to more than the amount that you have allocated for the reseller (overselling).

If overselling is enabled for a resller, and they are allocated 500 MB of disk space as the reseller, that reseller may still set up disk quotas of 300 MB each for two of thier users. Combined, those two users can use 600 MB; however, when their combined disk space usage exceeds 500 MB, the reseller can no longer add new accounts.

Resource limits only work however if you assign hosting packages to that reseller. If an account doesn't have a hosting package resource limits will not apply.

To enable reseller resource limits first select the second checkbox in the list. The "Resource Usage Limits" options will appear.

Enter the quotas that you wish to allocate in both the Disk Space and Bandwidth text boxes.

Finally select the "Overselling Allowed" check box next to each resource that you wish to allow the reseller to oversell.

If you want to set a quota as unlimited then you need to enter a very large number.

Specify which packages a reseller can use to create accounts;

You can limit the packages that a resseler may use to create new accounts.

In order to do this first you need to select the third checkbox, the "Package Limits" options should appear.

You then need to select the "Creation allowed" checkboxes for each package that you want the reseller to be able to use.

You can then set the number of accounts a reseller can create per package by selecting the fourth checkbox in the list. 

You can then enter the number of packages that the reseller can sell for each package in the "Number Allowed" textbox.

Feature Limits

The feature limits allow you to restrict what WHM features and privileges that the reseller can have.

To add features simply select the checkboxes next to the privilege that you wish for them to have.

You must correctly configure your Super Privileges and Root Access features. Carefully read the warnings for these privileges on the configuration page before you grant a reseller access to these features. Many of the Super Privileges options allow resellers to circumvent the limits that you impose.

Warning: If you grant root-level access to a reseller, that reseller will have the same privileges as the web server’s administrator.


This feature allows you to set the default nameserver IP addresses that your system will assign to new accounts that the reseller creates. You must have free IP addresses on your server to use this feature. If you currently use all of your IP addresses, you must purchase and add more to the server before you can set up nameserver IP addresses.

Clicking "Add an A entry for this nameserver" will allow you to add an A entry to your nameserver. An A entry allows visitors to resolve your IP address from your URL.

Warning:You must register your nameserver's domain names. 

IN order to add a nameserver you need to first enter the nameserver’s domain name in any of the four text boxes.

If you want WHM to assign an IP address from your IP address pool to the nameserver, click the "Assign IP Address".

If you want to assign a specific IP address to the name server click "Add an A entry for this nameserver" and enter the IP address that you wish to use and click "Add"

Finally you should Click "Save All Settings".


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