Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation
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Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation

This section allows you to control what IP's your resellers have access to from your server. Be aware you can share IP addresses between multiple resellers, but you can only dedicate an IP to one user.

Open Delegation

Open delegation allows you to grant your resellers access to all the available IP address on the server.

By default this is the option that is enabled for all your resellers. However if you need to re enable it the first thing you'll need to do is select the reseller from the menu.

You then click "submit" this will open a new interface that will allow you to choose Open Delegation. 

Finally click save.

If this is successful you should be presented with the following message;

"The reseller "example" now has access to any free IPs on the server."


Restricted Delegation

Restricted delegation allows you to assign a specific IP address from your server to a reseller. This will cause the IP address to be delegated to that user. 

In order to give a reseller restricted access first select the reseller from the menu then click "Submit". You will be presented with a new interface.

From here select the "Restricted Delegation" option, you will be presented with a menu that lists your available IP addresses. 

The interface will label the server's IP addresses as "delegated" or "dedicated". You will be able to "delegate" an IP address to multiple resellers, however you can only "dedicate" an IP address to a single user.

Select the IP that you wish for the reseller to use, then click "Save"

If this has been successful you should be presented with the following message;

"Saved Delegated IPs for example:"


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