Configure PHP and suEXEC
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Configure PHP and suEXEC

This section allows you to change Apache’s PHP handlers configuration, PHP version, and allows you to enable or disable suEXEC.

Change the default PHP version

PHP Configuration

This option allows you to set the version of PHP that your server will use when Apache provides a .php file to a visitor. In order to change this select the version that you wish to use from the drop down and click "save new configuration"

Enable or Disable Apache suEXEC

PHP Configuration

If you enable suEXEC, Apache will run CGI software as the account owner rather than nobody. 

In order to enable suEXEC select on from the drop down and click "save new configuration".

Alternatively you can test your new config by checking the "Do a dryrun" checkbox. This will allow you to verify the new configuration before deploying it.

Define a PHP Handler

PHP Configuration

Your servers PHP Handler is responsible for providing PHP Libraries that the server needs to interpret PHP code. The handler you choose will determine the libraries that it accesses, as a result you can have different handlers for diffrent versions of PHP.


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