Can I bulk transfer my domains to PAC?
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Can I bulk transfer my domains to PAC?

Bulk transferring your domain names to PAC is a straightforward process.

1, If your domain name ends .uk please go to step 2

1a, For all other domains .com .net .org .eu .info etc you need to obtain your EPP codes for your domains from your current hosting provider, also ask them to remove the registrar lock, if you currently have ID protection on your domains you will need to ask your current registrar to remove this also, once you have done this and have the EPP please go to step 2

2, You can now use our bulk domain transfer web page HERE then go to step 3

3, Please see further steps below:

3a, If your domain names end .uk to complete the domain transfers in you need to change your domains IPS TAG at your current domain providers to ours which is PACHOSTING this completes the transfer, once you have done this for each domain go to step 4

3b, For all other domains .com .net .org .eu .info etc the domain registrant (owner) will receive an approval email for the transfer for each of the domains, please follow the instructions within it, once you have done that your current domain registrar will get a similar email and once they approve it your domain will transfer to PAC, once you have approved your emails please go to step 4

4, Once PAC receive notification of a domain transfer completion we will send you an email to confirm and you can then manage your domain from your client area, if there is a problem with the domain transfer you will also be notified


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