Nameserver Selection
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Nameserver Selection

This section allows you to select the nameserver software that will help manage the traffic to your server.

What is a Nameserver?

Nameservers are used to match domain names to IP addresses. When a visitor attempts to locate a website that your server or another hosts, their computer will ask a nameserver for the IP address of the domain that they wish to view. The nameserver then looks up that domain and returns the IP address allowing the visitor to be directed to the correct page.

You must publish records for your domain names to nameservers so that visitors are able to reach those sites. These nameservers communicate with many other nameservers in order to distribute the records of sites that your server hosts. The propagation period is the amount of time that it will take for a domain's DNS records to have spread across the Internet.

In general its a good rule that you do not start your nameservers unless you plan to use them.

Selecting a Nameserver

In order to select the nameserver software that will be ran on your server you simply need to select the checkbox next to the Name Server name and click save. Alternatively you can select Disabled if you don't wish to be running a nameserver at this time.

The table offers a wide range of information about the software available to you in order that you can make the best choice for your server needs.

Nameserver software table


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