Service Manager
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Service Manager

This section allows you to view all the services that are currently running on your server. From here you are able to select the services that are enabled and monitor some of them.

Tailwatchd Section

The tailwatchd section id the first section. These services can't be set as watched but you can choose to enable or disable them to meet your servers needs.


This service monitors the rest of the services that you have enabled within the Service Manger. The ChkServd driver will attempt to restart a service when it detects that the service has failed. In additon the ChkServd driver will send alerts about service failure, recovery, and timeouts to the contact information that you have provided in WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface which is found via (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic WebHost Manager Setup).


This services tracks the Exim mail statistics, it maintains the email bandwidth logs, limits email usage, and populates the data for the Mail Delivery Reports system. 


This service manages the jailshells that the EXPERIMENTAL: Jail Apache Virtual uses. The JailManager driver updates each user's jailshell with the root filesystem. The experimental jailshell options can be found in the Tweak Setting interface which can be found (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).


This service allows the system to log problems and errors that arise within the mail service. 


This service parses the logs from ModSecurity and stores the information within the modsec database.


This service tracks the IP addresses for the recently authenticated IMAP and POP3 sessions.


This service generates the bandwidth logs for the IMAP and POP3 services.

More Services

This is the second section of the Server manager interface. These services can be monitored in addition to being able to enable/disable them. The services available here will depend upon the software that is available to you and may differ for you. However these services should be common for most users.

PHP-FPM service for Apache

This service helps to improve the performance of EasyApache 4 and is only available on systems that us this.

ClamAV Daemon

This service is a mail gateway virus scanning software. 

PHP-FPM service for cPanel Daemons

This service will help to improve performance of PHP-based internal applications that come with cPanel & WHM. Some of these include; phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, Roundcube, Horde, SquirrelMail, and Any third-party PHP application that the users may install.

In addition this service will log errors and unusually slow script performance.

The main error log can be found: /usr/local/cpanel/logs/php-fpm/error.log
The log for slow running scripts can be found: /var/cpanel/php-fpm/$user/logs/slow.log, where $user represents the cPanel account name.
Individual user error log files can be found: /var/cpanel/php-fpm/$user/logs/error.log,  where $user represents the cPanel account name.


cPanel DAV Daemon

This service enables a set of HTTP extensions that allow users to manage their websites remotely, if you are hosting other peoples websites this should be left active.

cPanel Greylisting Daemon

This service manages your servers greylisting. This helps to protect your server against spam from sources that it does not recognise.

cPHulk Daemon

This service is responsible for managing the cPHulk Brute force protection for your server.

Cron Daemon

This service is the cron job scheduling daemon. 

cPanel DNS Admin Cache

This service helps to improve the speed of your server but may increase memory usage. Deselect this option if you wish to use multiple dnsadmin processes for zone-related actions.

Exim Mail Server

This service is the SMTP mail server daemon and is responsible for sending and receiving mail. It's recommended that this service be enabled and monitored for most servers. 

Exim Mail Server (on another port)

This service allows you to define additional ports that Exim will listen to. By default Exim is configured to listen to ports 25, 465 and 587

FTP Server

This service is the FTP daemon that runs your FTP server. Its recommended that this feature be enabled if you intend to host other peoples websites on your server. It is also Highly recommended that this feature is monitored.

Apache Web Server

This service is the Apache web server daemon and is responsible for handling the HTTP requests from visitors. This should be enabled if you are intending to use your server as a web server.

IMAP Server

This service is the IMAP daemon for Dovecot and is responsible for handling how your users download their email. Its recommended that this is monitored.

IP Aliases

This service allows you to add more than one IP address to your network adapter. This should be used if you intend to run multiple connections on a single network, where each connection serves an additional purpose.

LMTP Server

This service allows Dovecot and Exim to connect to each other using the local mail transport protocol (LMTP).


This service when enabled allows your users to create Mailing Lists, where a single email address will send mail to many addresses.

MySQL Server

This service is the MySQL database server for your server and is responsible for handling database queries. If you plan on hosting any content that requires a database this or the postgresql server should be enabled. We recommend that you monitor this service. 

DNS Server

This service is the Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND), NSD, PowerDNS, or MyDNS daemon that is responsible for running the nameservers. You should only enable this service if you wish to use your own nameservers.

Name Service Cache Daemon

This service is the daemon that manages the cache for name service requests. 

Passive OS Fingerprinting Daemon

This service is responsible for the Passive OS Fingerprinting daemon (p0f) it reports the visitor's operating system and other information for email notifications. This information allows you quickly identify visitors that have triggered events that cause alerts/errors.

POP3 Server

This service is the POP3 daemon for the server. It is responsible for managing how users download their emails. It's recommended that this be monitored. 

Apache SpamAssassin™

This service manages the Apache SpamAssassin daemon. This attempts to filter spam email messages for your server. If you disable it here you will also need to disable it under the Tweak Settings interface that can be found via (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).

SSH Daemon

This service provides the secure shell (SSH) daemon that allows users to connect to your server in a terminal session via SSH.

rsyslog System Logger Daemon

This service enables the system log daemon that is responsible for monitoring your web server and logging the system activity. It's highly recommended that this is enabled.


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