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Locale XML Upload
Posted by Matthew Jeffels, Last modified by Matthew Jeffels on 11 October 2016 04:27 PM

Locale XML Upload

This interface allows you to upload a Locale to your server that is in XML format. Once you have uploaded a locale your users will be able to select it from within their cPanel interfaces.

Locale Upload Interface

If the locale doesn't exist on your server the system will create all the necessary files.

If the locale already exists on your server the system will perform the following.

On core files the server will only add the keys from the XML data that does not already exist. It will not over write any keys. 

On the Local edit files the server will overwrite keys on the server with the uploaded XML data, and add any keys that do not exist.

Upload an XML File

In order to upload an existing locale to your server you will first need to select the file you wish to upload using "Choose File" this will open your systems file browser. 

Select the XML file that you wish to upload and click "Upload".


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