Migrate multiple cPanel hosting accounts to your server
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Migrate multiple cPanel hosting accounts to your server

If you would like to move a single or multiple cPanel hosting account to your cPanel VPS with PAC then this guide will assist.

*Please note your WHM account where you are copying the accounts from must be the root account not a reseller account so if the username is not root this will not work.

1, Log into WHM on your VPS server with PAC

2, Now navigate to Plugins>>Config Server Security & Firewall

3, Now scroll to and click the "Firewall Configuration" button.

4, Now find # Allow outgoing TCP ports and underneath in the TCP_OUT = section add the SSH port number of the server you are copying the accounts from right at the end so for example if the last entry is 2703 then put a comma then the port number for example 2703,34394 if the SSH port is 22 then you do not need to add 22 unless it does not exist in the TCP_OUT = section

5, Now scroll right to the bottom of the page and click Save

6, Now click Restart csf+lfd

7, Now in the search box in the top left enter transfer so it filters the entries down the left hand side.

8, Click on "Transfer Tool"

9, In the Remote Server Address field enter the IP address of the server the accounts are to be copied from

10, In Remote SSH port field enter the SSH port of the server the accounts are to be copied from

11, Now click "Check SSH Connection" and allbeing well you should see something like Remote Server Ok: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3 if you do not see at least "Remote Server Ok" then something is wrong and you will not be able to proceed until you resolve it.

12, In the Login field choose the root radio button field

13, Leave all other options as they are and enter the root password of the server you are copying the accounts from.

14, Now click "Fetch Account List"

15, If all the details you entered are correct you will shortly see a list of packages and account listed that are from the other server.

16, Now scroll down until you see your actual accounts, if you do not see all the accounts change to "Show all X accounts"

17, Put a tick in the first box against all the accounts you wish to transfer

18, Then scroll down to the bottom and click on "Copy"

19, You will get a warning to not close the window or press the back button or it will fail, click OK

20, The copy will now start, when it is complete you will see a message of "Copy complete please review any account copies........" click OK

21, Review the entries to see if they all have "account name ... ok" on the left hand side then you are all copied.

22, At this point change the name servers of the copied domains(s) to the ones provided for your PAC VPS and your done!

23, The copy keeps all passwords and user names the same!


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