Restore a Full Backup cpmove File
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Restore a Full Backup cpmove File

This interface allows you to perform a full restoration of a single cPanel account from a backup file. You are also able to recreate an account from a remote server with a cpmove file.

When using the restoration system you should not shut down or restart any of the processes on the server whilst it is active.

In order to restore a cPanel account the file will need to be in one of the following formats.


This file must be located in one of the following directories for the restoration to work successfully.


When you restore a backup, the system will expand the backup or cpmove file in its current directory.You need to make certain that the backup file's directory can contain at least double the backup file's space. The system will use this extra space for the temporary files created when it extracts the backups.

How to restore a cpmove file

In order to perform a full restoration from the backup file of the account, you will need to perform the following steps:

First you will need to decide whether you are going to be using "Restricted Restore" if you are, select the checkbox.

The "Restricted Restore" feature performs additional security checks on the backup file in order to help to mitigate the risk of transfers from unfamiliar sources. If a component of the backup file has an issue (for instance, MySQL grant table compromises or symbolic link attack), the system will not restore that portion of the backup and will add a warning to the log file. This is an Experimental Feature and is not 100% secure, always exercise caution when uploading files to your server and be aware of where they are from.

The next step is to select whether to restore the backup file by username or by filename.

If you select "Restore with Username", this will allow you to select the username that is associated with the cPanel account that you wish to restore.
If you select "Restore with File", you will be required to choose a file and select the backup file from your filesystem.

You will then need to select whether to replace all of the instances of the original server's IP address with the new address or to only replace basic cPanel-provided A records in zone files.

If you wish to overwrite the account with the data in the backup file, you will need to select the "Overwrite existing user" checkbox.

Finally click "Restore" once you do this the account restoration interface will appear.

The "Account Restore" interface displays the status and progress of your account restoration, and any warnings.


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