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Configuration Cluster
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Configuration Cluster

This section allows you to link a core master server to one or more additional servers. You can then copy the server configuration settings to the servers of the cluster.


If you log into a server that is part of the cluster but not the master server, the interface will not indicate that the server is in the cluster. This can only be viewed from the master server.
If you do make changes on a server in the cluster that is not the master server then the master server may overwrite the changes you have made.

Before you set up a configuration cluster in the "Configuration Cluster" interface you will need to log in as the root user on the server you wish to use as the master server. You will need to log in as the root in order to use the master server to make any changes to the configuration clusters server.

The Configuration Cluster interface displays a list of all the servers that you have linked to. You can view the following here.

Server - This shows the servers IP address, or the name that you have assigned to the server.

User - This shows the username of the root level users account, by default this is root. However this should appear as your username.

Remote Access Key - This displays the signature version of the servers remote access key. This can be viewed in the Access Key Signature textbox in the Remote Access Key interface.

Adding a Server

In order to add a server to your cluster you will need to perform the following. First you need to click "Create".

Enter the servers name into the Server text box. Its recommended that you use the servers hostname, be aware you cannot modify the server name after you have added it to the cluster.

You will then need to enter the servers root-level account username in the user textbox.

You will need to paste the remote access key for the server into the "Remote Access Key" textbox. In order to generate a remote access key log in as a root user to the server you wish to add to the cluster and use the "Remote Access Key" interface in order to generate a key. This is found via the Home >> Clusters >> Remote Access Key.

Finally click save, your server should appear in the table of clusters.

Edit a server's remote access key

If you wish to modify the remote access key for a server in the cluster you can do so by performing the following.

First click on the arrow icon next to the server that you wish to modify.

Make you changes in the User textbox and the Remote Access Key textbox.

Finally click "Save".

Delete a server

If you wish to remove a server from the cluster you can do so by clicking on the trash icon that corresponds to the server you wish to delete. You will be asked for a confirmation. 

When you delete a server from the list of cluster servers, the settings that you have already applied to that server will remain in place. However the master server will no longer relay any new changes, and will not overwrite changes that you make on the master server onto the previously linked server.


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