Migrate to your WHM if you only have cPanel access
Posted by Paul Nesbitt on 03 February 2016 03:12 PM

Migrate to your WHM if you only have cPanel access

If you would like to move a cPanel hosting account to your VPS server but do not have root access to the server it is located on then the following guide should help

1, Firstly create a cPanel account on your VPS we will use this only to transfer the cPanel full backup so make the domain something like ourcopydomain.xyz and make a note of the username and password as we will need those shortly.

2, Now log into the cPanel of the account you would like to transfer to your WHM

3, Scroll to the "Files" section and click on "Backup Wizard"

4, Click on "Backup" then "Full Backup"

5, For the Backup Destination Select "REMOTE FTP Server (Passive mode transfer)

6, Enter an email address to be notified when the backup and ftp transfer is complete

7, In the remote server field enter the IP address of your PAC VPS, in the remote user and remote password fields enter the username and password of the cPanel account we created at step 1.

8, Enter 21 in the port field and enter / in remote directory.

9, Click generate backup and wait for the email advising the backup and ftp are complete

10, Once you have this email SSH to your server.

11, type cd /home/usernameofcpanelaccountcreatedinstep1 and press return

12, type ls and press return to find out the filename of the backup which will be something like backup-4.23.2012_11-24-50_cpanelusername.tar.gz

13, type cp backup-4.23.2012_11-24-50_cpanelusername.tar.gz /home/ and press return

14, Now login into WHM for your PAC Cloud VPS and go to the "Backup" section and click on "Restore a Full Backup / cPmove file"

15, Select the username of the cPanel account you want to restore to your server and click restore.

16, WHM will now work to restore the account and once complete you can then change your domains name servers to point to your server


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