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Daily Process Log
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Daily Process Log

The daily process log allows you to view information about your servers consumption of its processing power and memory.

These logs will change depending on your WHM configuration, your installed applications and daemons 


At the very top of the interface you will see yesterday, today and tomorrows dates. These allow you to navigate to different days to view that days Process Logs. 

Usage By User

The Usage by User table allows you to view the usage for each user on the server. This allows you view which users are using the most resources on your server.

The table includes the following;

User - This column displays the name of the user.

Domain - This column displays the primary domain for the user. The column only displays domains for users that are cPanel accounts. The column is empty when the user is a daemon or a system user.

%CPU - This column displays the average daily percentage of the CPU's processing power that the user consumes.

%MEM - This column displays the average daily percentage of RAM that the user consumes.

MySQL Processes - This column displays the average number of MySQL processes for the user.

Top Processes

The Top Processes table shows you the individual processes that have consumed the most CPU on the day that you have selected. This table displays processes that have used a large number of resources.The top process may only have run for a few seconds, or for much longer. As a result of this, a top process may not actually consume a large percentage of the resources on the server.

The table provides you with the following information;

User - This column displays the name of the user who runs the process, for example, if you log into your server as the root user, this column will displays root for any processes that you have initiated.

Domain - This column displays the user's primary domain. This column will only display domains for users that are cPanel accounts. The column will be empty when the user is a daemon or a system user.

%CPU - This column displays the highest percentage of the CPU that this process used. For example, this column will display 19% CPU usage for a process that only ran for three seconds and used the following amounts of processing power: 1% CPU in the first second, 19% CPU in the second, and 3% CPU in the third second.

Process - This column displays the process, as it appears in the process list.



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