List Accounts
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List Accounts

This interface lists all the accounts that are hosted on your server. In addition from this interface you are provided with a number of options that allow you to make changes to the accounts. 

The List Accounts menu is equipped with a search feature. This will allow you to locate the account you need simply.

If you click on the domain name in the "Domain" column you will navigate to that accounts website.

If you Click the cPanel logo in the cPanel column, this will allow you to log in to the cPanel interface for that account with the root or reseller password. If you disabled root or reseller logins to cPanel user accounts, this icon will not display. You can enable this feature in the System section of WHM's Tweak Settings interface found via (Home >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings).

If you click on the IP address this will allow you to view the contents of the users home directory in a new browser tab.

If you click on the email address in the Contact Email column this will allow you to send an email to the account's owner.

In order to see the additional options that you can perform on an account click on the + icon on the far left of the table. The options that you can perform on the accounts from this interface are;

Change Password — To change an account's password, enter the desired password and select the desired options, then click Change. You should select the Synchronize MySQL password with account password checkbox if you want to use the same password for the user's MySQL account. You can also select to enable the Digest Authentication by clicking the checkbox to enable Digest Authentication support.

Change Contact Email — In order to change the contact email address for the account, enter a new address in the text box and click Change. The Reset Password feature will use this email address to verify the account user identity. If you fail to set the contact email address, the user will not be able to use the Reset Password feature.

Change IP Address — This option allows you to change the IP Address, clicking on it will navigate you to WHM's Change a Site's IP Address interface.

Change Disk Partition — This option allows you to change a accounts Disk Partition, clicking on this will navigate you to WHM's Rearrange an Account interface.

Change Quota — This option allows you to change an accounts disk quota. Clicking on this option will navigate you to WHM's Quota Modification interface. When you change an accounts quota, it is recommended that you first examine the contents of the account to ensure that the account does not already exceed the quota that you intend to set. If this is the case, request that the owner of the account remove files to comply with the new disk quota.

Change Plan — This option allows you to change the accounts Plan. Clicking on this option will navigate you to WHM's Upgrade/Downgrade an Account interface.

Modify Account — Clicking on the Modify Account option will allow you to navigate to WHM's Modify an Account interface.

Download Account Information — From the bottom of the List Accounts interface, you can generate a list of your accounts and related information by clicking on the "Download all records to a CSV file". This is useful if you wish to save the information as a CSV (comma-separated values) file, which is readable by Microsoft Excel and most database programs.


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