Password Modification
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Password Modification

This interface allows you to change the passwords of cPanel and Reseller accounts. This interface allows you to change the password without the need to know the previous.

This can be useful to you should the account become compromised or the previous user has lost or forgotten the original password.

Changing a Password

In order to change an accounts password you will first need to select the account that you wish to change the password for.

Once you have selected the account enter and confirm the password in the password entry section. You can use the Password Generator to generate a strong random password but what ever password you enter here should be a strong password.

You can select the  "Synchronize MySQL password" option if the user would like to use the same password for both the MySQL and cPanel account. This option will only be available to you if the user has a .my.cnf file in their home directory however.

If the user requires web disk connection and cannot use a registered SSL certificate you will have to select "Enable Digest Authentication" to enable the Digest Authentication support. This option will allow the user to access Web Disk through a clear text connection or an unencrypted connection.

Finally click on "Change Password" to complete the password change.


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