Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password
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Copy an Account from Another Server with Account Password

This interface allows you to attempt to copy an account from a remote server with a non-rootpassword. Only use this feature as a last resort. It is strongly recommend that you use WHM's Transfer Tool interface instead.


In this section you will need to select whether to use the "Restricted Restore" feature or to copy reseller privileges.

The Restricted Restore feature will perform additional security checks on the backup file in order to mitigate the risk of transfers from unfamiliar sources. If a component of the backup file has an issue (for example, a MySQL grant table is compromised or a symbolic link attack), the system will not restore that part of the backup and will add a warning to the log file. This is an Experimental Feature however so do not consider it to be fully secure.


This section of the interface allows you to specify information about the server that currently hosts the account. In order to do this you will need to perform the following steps;

In the "Domain Name" text box, enter the domain name of the site to transfer.
In the "Server to copy from" text box, enter the IP address or fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the remote server. FQDN example, "" You must enter FQDNs in lowercase letters. IP address example, "" 
In the "Username" to copy text box, enter the username of the user that owns the site.
In the "User's password" text box, you will need to enter the user's password.
If you wish to give the account a dedicated IP address on the server, select the "Give new account an IP address" checkbox.

Copy Account

Once you have made your selections, click "Copy Account" to begin the transfer process. The Account Transfer interface will appear.

When you use WHM to copy an account from another server, the system will automatically query the remote server to determine whether streaming is a viable option.

Streaming provides a faster and less resource-intensive transfer of accounts between cPanel & WHM servers.

In order for streaming transfers to be enabled the target server must connect to the remote server via port 2086 (or port 2087 if you prefer to use SSL). In addition the user who begins the transfer must have root-level privileges on the remote server's WHM interface.


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