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Add a DNS Zone
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Add a DNS Zone

This feature allows you to create a DNS zone on your server. A DNS zone is an administrative space or section of the domain name system that stores records that direct traffic to the correct locations.

The system creates DNS zone files from a template. In order to edit the templates that the system uses to create zone files, you should use WHM's Edit Zone Templates interface.

When you add a new domain to your server, WHM will automatically configure its DNS zone. You can also use this interface to add DNS zones for remote domains. Be cautious when you add a DNS zone, if you enter incorrect data you may cause visitors to be unable to access the domain. 

Create a DNS Zone

In order to add a DNS zone you will need to perform the following. 

Under "Domian Selection" enter the IP address in the "IP" textbox, enter the domain name in the "Domain" textbox and click "Add Zone".

Account Selection

This section lists all the domains and their users on the server. To search the list, you can enter a partial domain or username in the appropriate textbox under the "Account Search" heading and click the desired domain or username. The appropriate account will appear in the Account Selection section.

You cannot add multiple DNS zones for a single domain. If an account appears in the "Account Selection" section, you should not enter that domain in the "Domain" textbox. To make a change to an existing DNS zone, use WHM's Edit DNS Zone interface


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