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Edit MX Entry
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Edit MX Entry

An MX entry is a Mail Exchange entry, these help to determine which server receives mail for a domain name. This interface allows you to configure the entry for each destination mail server. 

How to edit MX entries

In order to edit your servers MX entries you will need to do the following;

From the Choose a Domain to Edit menu you will need to select the name of the domain for which you wish to configure the MX entries and click "Edit".

A new interface will then appear. Select the "Email Routing" setting that you wish to use.

Enter your desired settings for each MX entry in the MX Entries section.

Finally click "Save".

Email Routing

You can select from any of the following "Email Routing" settings in order to change the configuration of your mail exchangers. 

Automatically Detect Configuration - If you select this setting, it will allow the system to choose the most appropriate Email Routing setting, which is based on a query of the MX record. The system will query the MX record and uses the following criteria to determine the Email Routing setting;

If the lowest priority mail exchanger points to an IP address on this server, the system selects the Local Mail Exchanger setting.
If a mail exchanger with a higher priority points to an IP address on this server, the system selects the Backup Mail Exchanger setting.
If there are no mail exchangers that point to an IP address on this server, the system selects the Remote Mail Exchanger setting.

The system will not be able to perform automatic detection for this setting if the MX entry fails to resolve (for example, if you mistype a domain name or enter one that does not exist). If the MX entry does not resolve and the Email Routing setting is Automatically Detect Configuration, the system generates a warning and will default to the last known Email Routing setting.

Local Mail Exchanger - Select this setting to cause the server to always accept mail for the domain.
Backup Mail Exchanger - Select this setting to cause the server to accept mail for the domain and store it until a higher priority (lower number) mail server becomes available.
Remote Mail Exchanger - Select this setting to cause the server to never accept mail for the domain. Note: The system always assigns the lowest priority value to Remote Mail Exchanger mail servers.

MX Entries

You can configure the following values for each MX entry;

TTL - This integer value specifies the time to live (TTL). - TTL indicates how long a particular record remains in memory, in seconds, before it refreshes. This value defaults to 14400.
Priority - This integer value represents the priority order of the mail server, in relation to other MX entries. The lower the Priority value, the higher the server's priority. This value defaults to a value that is 10 higher than the highest existing MX entry's priority.

The servers with the lowest Priority values act as the primary mail servers.
Servers with higher Priority values serve as secondary mail servers.
If you have multiple mail servers that have the same Priority value, the system will distribute mail at that Priority value to those servers randomly.

MX Destination - Enter the name of the mail server (for example,

Adding and Deleting MX Entries

To add a new MX entry simply click "Add Another MX Entry Field". A new textbox will apear where you can enter the new entry.

To delete an entry click on "Delete" next to the MX entry you wish to remove.


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