Nameserver Record Report
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Nameserver Record Report

This interface displays a list of the server's nameserver information, this is updated nightly, however if you need to force an update you can run the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/updatenameserverips script.

The following information is displayed in the Nameserver Record table;

Nameserver - The name of your system's authoritative nameserver. An example of this would be;

IP Addresses -  Your nameserver's IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. An example of this would be; IPv4

Zones - This is the number of DNS zones that the nameserver hosts. DNS entries must be correctly configured in order for the nameserver's hostname report can accurately supply the nameserver's IP address information. An example of this would be; 25

Actions -  This is the actions that you can perform for each of your system's nameservers. When you click on Edit Zones an new interface will apear. This is the Edit DNS Zone interface.


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