Set Zone Time to Live
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Set Zone Time to Live

This interface allows you to set the values of the Time to Live for your servers DNS zones. The TTL is waht set the duration of how long a DNS server will chache a record before it requests an update from the authoritative nameserver, this is measured in seconds.

Setting a Zones TTL

In order to set a zones TTL you will need to perform the following;

First select the zone(s) that you want to update from the menu, then enter the TTL in the textbox, this must be a positive value and represnts a duration in seconds. By default this is set to 3600.

If you have multiple DNS servers and don't want them to have syncronized TTL updates accross the cluster make sure to select the "Do not sync changes accross the DNS Cluster" checkbox.

Finally click "Set TTLs"


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