Additional MySQL Access Hosts
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Additional MySQL Access Hosts

This interface allows you to permit remote servers to be able to have access to the MySQL databases on your server. Alternativly have access to a remote MySQL server that you configured via the "Manage MySQL Profiles" interface. The system will apply this list of servers to every cPanel user and every MySQL user that a cPanel user owns.

Your cPanel users will not be able to remove the remote hosts that you add through this interface. They can temporarly remove them through the "Remote MySQL" interface however they will be restored as soon as the user accesses the "MySQL Databases interface.

Configure remote access to MySQL

To configure the list of remote hosts with access to your MySQL databases, you will need to perform the following;

In the textbox, you will need to enter the hostnames of remote hosts that you wish to access your server's MySQL databases. You may enter the hostnames as fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) or IP addresses (for example, or

You must specify FQDNs in lowercase letters.

Once you have entered this information click "Save".

In order to add the hostnames to each user's access list, you will need to perform one of the following actions; Either click the "Click Here!" this will automatically add the hostnames to each cPanel user's access list. Alternativly ask your cPanel users to access the "Remote MySQL" interface to add the hosts.


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