Manage Database Users
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Manage Database Users

This interface allows you as the server administrator to retreive a list of the database users that are on the server. In addition it will show the database engine of each user as well as which user owns which database. 

Database users

This section provides you with a table of all the database users that are on the server. 

You can click on each column heading to sort the list by that column, in addition there are navigation controls at the top of the table that allow you to navigate through the list. You can also search for a specific database user using the "Search" textbox.

Rename a Database

You are also able to rename a database user, to do this first click the "Rename" icon that is found in the corresponding row for the database user. Once the you have selected a user you can enter a new name for the database user in the "Rename to" textbox.

If database prefixing is enabled, you must also include the database prefix for the account.

You will need to enter a new password for the user in the Set Password text box.

Finally click "Submit" to confirm that you wish to rename the database user. If you decide that you do not wish to rename the database user, click "Close".


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