Show MySQL Processes
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Show MySQL Processes

This interface lists all the processes that currently run on any of the databases that are on your server.

Process Information

The interface displays the following information on the processes;

Id - This displays the Process ID. Linux systems automatically assign a unique process identification number to every process and application that is running.
User - This displays the user that executed the process on the database.
Host - This displays the client's hostname and the port from which the process executed. For example, Host:0000
db - This displays the database on which the process runs. This will display NULL if the process does not run on a database.
Command - This displays the type of command that the system issued to the database.
Time - This displays the time, in seconds, that the process has remained in its current state.
State - This displays the action, state, or event of the process. This column displays NULL for the SHOW PROCESSLIST state.
Info - This displays the text of the statement that the process currently executes. If the process does not execute a statement, this column displays NULL. This column may display a statement sent to the server, or an inner statement to execute other statements.


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