Add a New IP Address
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Add a New IP Address

This interface allows you to add additional IP addresses to your IP pool. You must add the IP addresses through this interface for cPanel and WHM to recognize them.

Add a New IP Address(es)

In order to add one or more IP Addresses you will need to do the following;

First you will need to enter the IP address or addresses in the New IP or IP range to add text box. If you are in NAT Mode, you will need to enter the local IP address, not the public IP address. If the New IP and IP range to add value uses Class C CIDR format, you will need to use a mask range between 24 through 30.

Select the subnet mask in the Select a subnet mask dropdown. An incorrect subnet mask may cause networking issues for your server or other servers on your network. If you do not know the correct subnet mask for this IP address or IP address range, ask your hosting or networking provider.

Enter any IP addresses to exclude in the IPs and IP ranges to exclude from the range of new IPs text box.

Finally click Submit to add the IP address or addresses.


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