Assign IPv6 Address
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Assign IPv6 Address

This interface allows root level users to assign IPv6 addresses to the servers accounts. Before you can use this interface to assign dedicated IPv6 addresses, you will need to enable IPv6 on the server and use WHM's "IPv6 Ranges" interface to add IPv6 ranges. If you have not added any IPv6 ranges to the server, the interface will display a "No IPv6 ranges have been added." message.

Before you can use this interface to assign a shared IPv6 address to one or more users, you will need to configure a shared IPv6 address in WHM's "Basic WebHost Manager Setup" interface.

Using this interface to assign IPv6 ranges will cause the system to erases any IPv6 addresses that you have assigned to the selected users via other methods. If you see an "Apache must be recompiled" or "Apache should be recompiled" warning at the top of this interface, you will need to recompile EasyApache.

In order for IPv6 to function on a cPanel & WHM server, the "cpsrvd" daemon must listen on IPv6 addresses. To enable this functionality, you will need to select "On" for the "Listen on IPv6 Addresses" setting in the "System" section of WHM's "Tweak Settings" interface.

Reviewing Account IPv6 Information

In order to review the IPv6 information of an account you will first need to select the desired account username from the "Select Account" menu, the interface will then display the accounts IPv6 information.

If the account already has an IPv6 address assigned you will be able to view the following information;

IPv6 Address — The account's IPv6 address.
Primary Domain — The account's main domain.
IPv6 Proxy Subdomain — A link to the account's IPv6 proxy subdomain. This address resolves to the assigned IPv6 address.

Enable IPv6

In order to assign an IPv6 address to the selected account you will need to perform the following;

First you will need to select the desired IPv6 address range from the "Enable this account with an IPv6 address from the selected range" menu. You must select a range that includes available addresses.

In order to assign the server's shared IPv6 address to an account, you will need to select "The server's shared IPv6 address". This address functions as a shared, rather than dedicated, address. Your server may use a Stateless Autoconfigured Address (SLAAC) address that your MAC address determines. This address will change if your hardware changes. For example, if you replace your ethernet card, the new card receives a new IPv6 address.This causes the old address's VirtualHosts to use the wrong IPv6 address.

Finally click Enable Account. Once you enable IPv6 on an account, the system will perform the following actions:

Binds that IPv6 address to your server
Adds an AAAA record for the account to the primary DNS zone.

An enabled account maintains its IPv6 address information even if you enable it again with a different IPv6 address range.

Disable IPv6

In order to disable a IPv6 address for an account, click "Disable Account" to remove the IPv6 address from the selected account. When you disable an IPv6 on an account, the system will unbind that IPv6 address from your server and the account loses the address. If you decide to enable IPv6 on that account again, the system will assign it a different IPv6 address.


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