Show/Edit Reserved IPs
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Show/Edit Reserved IPs

This interface allows you to view and reserve IP addresses that are in your address pool.

Reserve an IP address

When you reserve an IP address, you will be unable to assign it to newly-created accounts. This is useful if you did not want the system to automatically assign a specific IP address to a new account.

In order to reserve an IP address, you will need to perform the following:

First select the checkbox next to the IP address that you wish to reserve. It is strongly suggest that you specify a reason for why you reserved the IP address. This can be useful if you have multiple people administer your server or to remind yourself of why it is reserved.

Finally click "Save".



Unreserve an IP address

In order to unreserve an IP address you will need to deselect the checkbox that is next to the IP address that you wish to have be placed back into the address pool. 

Finally click "Save".


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