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Install a Perl Module
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Install a Perl Module

A Perl module is a piece of software that has been created using the Perl programming language. These are often used as scripts. In order to properlly intergrate a Perl module into a script you should retreive the modual from a central repository and install it onto your server.

This interface allows you to install Perl modules to the system's Perl installation.

Perl Module Installer

This feature allows you to search for, download and install a Perl module from the CPAN repository. If you know the exact name of the module that you wish to install, you should enter its full name in the "Install a Perl Module" text box and click "Install Now".

In order to search for an install a module you will need to perform the following;

First use one of the following methods to find the module you wish to install;

Enter a serach term into the textbox and click "Go"
Click "Show Available Perl Modules" this will list the Perl modules that are provided by CPAN

The interface will provide you with the following information about each of the modules that are displayed;

Module Name — The module's name.
Version — The module's version number.
Description — A description of the module.
Actions — The actions that you may perform for that module.

You will then need to click "Install" next to the module that you wish to install

To view a module's documentation click "Show Docs" for that module. 
If you did not find the desired module you will have to enter a new keyword in the search textbox.

Installed Perl Modules

The "Installed Perl Modules" table lists all the modules that currently exits on your server, for each of the installed modules you can view the following information;

Module Name - The module's name.
Version - The module's version number.
Actions - You can perform the following actions for each module:

Update — This allows you to Update the module if there is an update available.
Reinstall — This action allows you to reinstall the module from CPAN.
Uninstall — This action allows you to remove the module from your server.
Show Docs — This action allows you to read the module's documentation on CPAN.


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