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Manage SSL Hosts
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Manage SSL Hosts

This interface allows you to manage the installed SSL certificates. From this interface you can share and delete installed SSL certificates as well as enable or disable SNI for mail services.

Shared SSL Certificate

You may share an SSL certificate with multiple users. Your users can then use a shared SSL certificate to access your website via the mod_userdir module.

In order to share an SSL certificate, you will first need to select the desired certificate from the menu and then click "Share". You will then be redirected by the system to a new interface that contains a confirmation message.

If the interface currently does not list any certificates, you must create and install a new SSL certificate. To do this you will need to use WHM's "Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request" interface and WHM's "Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain" interface.

Disable Shared SSL certificates

If you wish to disable a shared SSL certificate simply click "Disable" next to the SSL certificate under the "Shared SSL Certificate" heading that you wish to disable sharing for. The system will then redirect you to a confirmation message. 

Installed SSL Hosts

The "Installed SSL Hosts" table provides you with a list of the domains that have installed SSL certificates with their domain information. To verify that a domains SSL certificate works you may click on the domain name under the "Domain" heading.

SNI for Mail Services

Be aware that mail SNI is not compatible with "Webmail" as a result it will not function for any Webmail connection. Webmail connections instead use the cPanel service SSL certificate.

If you wish to enable or disable SNI for mail on a non webmail service you will need to perform the following;

First select the checkbox next to each domain that you wish to modify. If you select the checkbox in the heading row this will select all domains.

From the SNI for mail services menu you will be able to select either "Enable Mail SNI" or "Disable Mail SNI".

Finally click "Submit"


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