Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate
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Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate

This interface allows you to log into a user's cPanel account in order to purchase a SSL certificate for them from the cPanel Marketplace.

In doing this through this interface it automatically enables the necessary features to purchase and install SSL certificates from cPanels SSL TLS Wizard.

Purchase a Certificate

This interface displays a list of the accounts on the server, along with their primary domain names, and the links that redirect you to the user's SSL/TLS Wizard interface.

To purchase a SSL Certificate for a user click the appropriate "Redirect Me!" link to navigate to a user's SSL/TLS Wizard interface.

From this point you should follow the documentation on the SSL TLS Wizard to continue the purchase procedure.

You should use your own credentials to log in to the cPanel Store. The system will then send the purchase notices to the cPanel user's contact address. If the site owner has not configured a contact address, the system will send the notice to the purchaseris



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