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Market Provider Manager
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Market Provider Manager

This interface allows you to select the certificate providers that appear in the cPanel market. cPanel's SSL/TLS wizard interface displays the available products through the providers in the cPanel Market.

To collect any commissions from a cPanel Market provider that has support for commissions, the server administrators must:

Link their WHM account to a valid cPanelID.
Enter their email address under the cPanel Store Configuration tab.

It will be required for your users to possess a valid cPanelID in order to purchase SSL certificates through cPanel's SSL/TLS Wizard interface.

Manage Providers

In order for you to manage the providers you first need to click the Providers tab to list available SSL certificate providers. You will then be able to view a link to each provider's home page, and a set of actions for each provider.

To allow your users to purchase certificates through a provider, you must click the appropriate "Enable" toggle switch. If you wish to disable the provider, click the appropriate "Disable" toggle switch.

If you decide to disable a provider, that provider's certificates will remain active on the server. The server will still send alerts as the expiration date for the certificate or certificates approach. However, the server will now no longer automatically renew the certificates on behalf of the customer. The customer must then replace existing certificates with ones from the provider or providers that you allow in this interface. Alternatively if the customer wishes to use the same provider, they need to purchase the certificates directly from the provider and install the certificates manually.

Manage Products

Clicking on the Products tab will show you a list of all products available through enabled cPanel Market providers.

Manage Product Recommendations

If you wish to flag a product as Recommended, click the star icon, it should turn gold to show the recommendation. To remove the recommendation, click an active star icon.

Manage Product Availability

To allow your users to purchase a certificate product, click the appropriate Enable toggle switch. To disable the product, click the appropriate Disable toggle switch.

Manage Product Price

If you wish to manage a product's price, you will need to perform the following;

Click the appropriate edit link.
Use the controls to set the new price.
Click Save.

The interface will automatically recalculate and display the commission amount. You may however only select prices in multiples of 12 cents for cPanel Store certificates. This is due to how the commission system functions.

Manage Commissions

Server administrators must have entered a valid email address as a commission recipient in order to collect sales commissions from a cPanel Market provider that supports commissions. In order to manage the recipient of commissions on cPanel Market purchases by users, you will need to perform the following;

Click the cPanel Store Configuration tab.
Enter the address in the textbox.
Click Set Commission ID. This value defaults to the system administrator's email address in WHM's Basic WebHost Manager Setup interface.
To collect your commissions, click the Payout Link in the table and follow the instructions.


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