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How do I edit a file in file manager?
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How do I edit a file in file manager?

To edit a file in cPanel file manager first select the file you want to edit by clicking once on it and then clicking on the relevant editor for the file type.

There are 3 editor types Edit, Code Editor and HTML Editor as shown below

cPanel File Manager Editor Types

Uses for each type are generalised below:

"Edit" - a general file editor for html, htm, .htaccess, txt files

"Code Editor" - a code editor for .php files

"HTML Editor" - a WYSIWYG editor for HTML pages.

Once you have clicked on the editor relevant to the file you would like to edit you will be presented with an editor to make your changes.

Once you have made your changes if using Editor or Code Editor click "Save changes"

Editor and Code Editor Save Changes Button

or if using the HTML Editor click "Save"

HTML Editor Save Button

And that's it you're done.


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