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How do I see how much disk usage I am using in cPanel?
Posted by Paul Nesbitt on 09 March 2016 10:06 AM

How do I see how much disk usage I am using in cPanel?

Within cPanel there is an easy way to see how much disk space you are using in your account and where you are using it.

To see the disk usage first login to cPanel and then click the "Disk Usage" icon in the "FILES" section as indicated below.

Disk Usage


Once you have clicked on the icon you will then see a list of folders in your hosting and the amount of files in each folder as below.


Disk usage Totals

This view gives you an overview however quite often you will need to drill down into the usage of a folder if it has lots of subfolders to locate where the actual usage is.

Fortunately cPanel disk usage viewer has the ability to do this, if you scroll further down the page in disk usage viewer you will see a view like the one below.


Disk usage Viewer Drill Down

Find the folder you are interested in and click the little > to expand it as indicated below.


Disk usage Expand


Then simply drill down further and further until you have reached what you need to see.


Paul Nesbitt
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