How do I enable two factor authentication for my login?
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How do I enable two factor authentication for my login?

To enable two factor authentication you will first require an OATH application for your tablet or smartphone, you can obtain this free from your devices app store, search for "Google Authenticator" and download and install it.

Once you have the OATH app installed next you need to login to your client area account.

When logged in navigate to the Security menu by clicking the dropdown arrow beside your name and then clicking the "Security Settings" menu option as shown below.

Security Settings


Once you have done that you will be presented with a screen about Two-Factor Authentication, to enable it click the button as shown below.


Enable Two Factor Authentication


You will now have another informational screen, click to "Get Started" as shown below.


Click to get started


You will then see a screen similar to this one.

Time Based Password

Next up involves the Google Authenticator application so open it up on your device.

In the app to add a new Authenticator click the +

Once you have clicked that depending on your device it may offer one or both options for adding the new Authenticator.

Scan barcode (if you have this option select it and point the devices camera onto the barcode on the screen)

Manual entry (if you only have this option or the Scan barcode is not working for you select this option) enter the account name (use a name you will recognise eg my pac login) and then enter the key code in from the screen and finally once done click the tick to add the Authenticator account.

Once that is complete you can now click "Confirm" as shown below.


On the next step you need to check everything is all setup and correct.

On your Google Authenticator app you will notice for the Authenticator you added there is a 6 digit number (it changes every 30 seconds)

Enter the current number in the authentication step as shown below and click "Confirm"


 If everything has worked out correctly you will now be presented with a "Two-Factor Authentication Setup is Complete!" message.

You will also find a backup code to keep somewhere safe in case you ever lose your device with the authenticator app on or it is unavailable to you.

And that is it all done!


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