What are subdomains?
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What are subdomains?

Within cPanel in the Domains section you will find a Subdomains icon as shown below.

Subdomains Icon In cPanel


So what exactly is a subdomain and it's uses?

For this explanation let's imagine your domain is

This is your domain name.

A sub domain is something else you add before it for example. where the subdomain is support.

You can use anything you like except www. as this is already setup so works!

When you add a subdomain it is linked to a specific folder in your hosting which is where the website files for your sub domain reside, but more about that in another article.

A use example could be:

Your main website is at and

But you also have a separate website for customer support so you can create a sub domain of support and install your support website there.

Now your visitors would go to your subdomain of for your support site.


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