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Directory Privacy
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Directory Privacy            

This feature allows you to add passwords to certain folders within the file system of your server through cPanel. If this feature is enabled when a user attempts to access the content within a protected folder/directory the user will be prompted for a username and password.

The Location of the Directory Privacy Options

To navigate your file system, click on the icon of the folder to navigate, to go back select the folder icon with the name “Up One Level”.

Navigating File Structure

Once you have found the file or directory you wish to add protection for click on the name of the file.

Selecting the Folder

From this point you can apply settings in order to make the file or directory protected.

Security Settings

Enable Password Protection and Enter a Name for the area to be protected, Once this is done click save, the directory will be set as password protected. Once you have done this the file will be displayed with a padlock next to it.

Successfully Protected Directory

From this point you will have to create users that can access the protected directory. Click on the directory name and you will be able to access it's setting again this time you will add a user to it to enable them to access the directory. Fill out the information making sure to add as strong a password as you can. Once this is complete click save to add the user.

Creating a User

To see the users who can access the directory go to the settings for the protected file and you'll be able to view a list of the authorized users;

List of Authorized Users

From this list you can delete users permissions to access the directory. If you wish to change a user's password simple follow the steps to add a user, however use the same username this will update that user's password. 


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