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How to create additional Web Disk Accounts?
Posted by Matthew Jeffels, Last modified by Matthew Jeffels on 28 July 2016 08:47 PM

How to create additional Web Disk Accounts?

In order to create additional web disk accounts you will first need to go to the web disk section of cPanel.

From here you can create additional accounts. These accounts can be setup to have different permissions and abilities to access different areas of the file system on your server depending on your needs.

 Creating a new Web Disc Account

I would advise that passwords you create for web disks be as strong as possible, web disks have direct access to your file system on the server so you need to make sure that they are secure.

The Directory determines the root folder that the web disk has access to, a web disk that has access to everything within your file system would have the Directory text box be blank, however to limit access to the whole file system stating a directory name here will limit what that user has access to. Users can access everything contained within the named directory but nothing outside of that.

Permissions dictate what the user can do within their web disk:

Read-Write means a user can view, edit and upload new files to the server through their web disk. This means they are able to make changes to what is stored which may affect your site or other data.

Read-Only means that the user cannot make changes to files on the server, they can however view and download copies of files stored on your servers file system. This means that if they need to edit files they could only download files onto their system and make edits. They could not upload these changes to the server however. 

Enable Digest Authentication, This is only required to be enabled if you wish to connect over an unencrypted connection, which is not advisable. 


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