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MySQL Databases
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MySQL Databases

MySQL Databases is the hub for manually updating, creating and modifying the databases for your server. Within this section you can perform a range of different actions.


Create a new database

You can create a new database for your server, this is a simple as inputting the name you wish to represent it and clicking create, you will then be presented with a screen that says "added the database (name)" if it was successful.

Modify Databases

Check Database

If you feel like you are experiencing problems with a database on your server you can check your databases for errors.

To check a database for errors, in the "Check a Database" menu, select the database that you wish to run the check on.

Click "Check Database".

cPanel will then attempt to run a script that will perform checks in order to test whether the database functions correctly.

  • If the system detects a problem in the database, it displays the name of the corrupt table.
  • If the "Check Complete" message displays, the database functions correctly.

Repair Database

If a databases is corrupt you should repair it. To repair a database, you can use the Repair Database function:

In the "Repair Database" menu, select the database that you wish to repair.

Click "Repair Database".

cPanel runs a script that attempts to automatically repair the database.


This function only attempts to repair the database. The repair may not succeed. If it does not, cPanel will attempt to help you locate the source of the corruption.


Current Databases

Current Databases allows you to view information on all your databases on the server. Providing information on: Name, size, Users and Actions that can be performed on them.

Of the actions you can perform you can Rename and Delete the database, be careful with deleting as this will remove all data from the database.

Clicking on a users name will allow you to modify the permissions of that user for that database.

Add a new User

Add a new user allows you to create new users for your database, it will create basic users you will have to add permissions to them later.

Adding Users to Databases

Add user to database allows you to assign users to manage databases. Simply select the user you wish to add and the database you wish to add it to then click add.

Current Users

Current users allows you to view whom can change passwords, rename users or remove them completely.


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