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MySQL Database Wizard
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MySQL Database Wizard

The database wizard acts as a step by step guide into creating new databases and the users who can modify/access them. 

 database wizard step one

Step one is simply the creation of what you wish for your database to be called, this would be advisable to have it thematic to the information that you intend to store within it but doesn't have to be.

database wizard step two

Step 2 we create a user who can create content and maintain the database. In this case i've called it the admin. Make sure that you create as strong a password as possible, this is to protect the data you store in the database.

database wizard step three

Step 3 we add roles to the user, these roles dictate what that user can do within the database. I would advise that for any administrative level positions simply enable all permissions with the ALL PRIVILEGES option at the top. For positions where you want the user to have less access make sure to select the options you wish the user to be able to do. 

database wizard step four

Step 4 Notifies you that the user was added to the database, meaning that they can now manipulate your database with that user. From here you can navigate to create additional databases or add additional users for the current database. Alternatively you can navigate from here to the MySQL Databases page where you can maintain your databases. 


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